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Chiropractic Portland OR Medical Insurance Now Accepted

OHP CareOregon Medical Insurance in Portland! Our clinic is very excited to announce that we are now accepting patients who have Care Oregon! Oregon decided to include chiropractic as an attempt to lead the way for other states to offer non-narcotic relief to pain.

What does this mean for you?

Well here is an easy breakdown:

You have 30 visits a year to address your back and neck pain. You can also see an acupuncturist too, which we have in the office at North Portland Wellness Group, in conjunction with your chiropractic care! In our office, we can offer you rehab and give you therapeutic exercises so you have some tools to go home with to help relieve your pain as well.

I think it’s really great Oregon is trying to lead as an example to offer more preventative care options instead of relying on opioids to address people’s aches and pains. It’s a big step in the absolutely right direction to proper health and healing.

If you have OHP and want to come in and get some care here at North Portland Wellness Group, give us a call and we can get you scheduled right away!

- Dr. Amy


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