Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic Portland OR Patient Testimonial

Chiropractic Portland OR Patient Testimonial

"I've been a patient of Dr. Chapman for years now. Dr. Chapman has regularly adjusted me and it's always been a pleasant experience. She has great bedside manner and always is mindful of my problem areas. I've also had Dr. Chapman diagnose a torn scapula via ultrasound. After her recommendations, my shoulder is feeling much better. Dr. Chapman genuinely cares about her patients, and it shows through her compassion in her work. Thank you Dr. Chapman!!!"

"Dr. Amy is wonderful! Extra thorough, caring, and accommodating. Her adjustments help me immensely every time, and I highly recommend her practice!"

"Dr. Amy is nothing short of a miracle worker. She's incredibly thorough and caring."

"Dr. Amy fixed my crippling back pain with adjustments, massage, stretches and exercises - not a single opiate. 10/10"

"I have seen chiropractors since my early 20's (am 60 now) and have enjoyed working with Dr. Amy very much. She listens to my concerns and asks specific clarifying questions. She walks you through her treatment plan and checks in during the adjustments. When she recommends exercises she walks you through them and confirms your comfort level in completing them. All in all she is a great person as well as a great chiropractor."

"Dr. Chapman is wonderful. She explains her treatment recommendations and offers alternatives with her oft present comment, "If you hate this we never have to do it again." She has me feeling better and with a look forward of how to stay that way. Her measured approach is very appreciated by a family member who hasn't had the best experience with chiropractic work elsewhere."

"Dr. Amy is truly a miracle worker! I've suffered from migraines caused by TMJ since I was a kid. Dr. Amy has relieved so much pain and suffering with thoughtful adjustments. Before ever trying a new adjustment she always checks in to make sure that I'm OK and says, "If you hated it we'll never do it again." I cannot imagine my life without Dr. Amy and the improvement in my quality of life since I started going to North Portland Wellness Group."


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