Having Trouble Finding Neck Pain Relief in Portland?

Chiropractic Portland OR Neck Pain

While we often associate neck pain with a sudden injury, like whiplash, repetitive stress from everyday tasks is a common culprit. Things like "sleeping wrong" are common reasons for visiting a chiropractor for neck pain relief in Portland.

Office workers have a terrible time with neck pain from repetitive stress on the neck. Keeping healthy habits to avoid neck pain while working in an office is a difficult task.

Also, why is it so much harder when we're at home? There are actually many possible reasons.

Common Causes of Neck Pain in Portland

Your neck has many small bones and nerves. When any of these bones move out of their natural alignment, they can compress or irritate any of the nerves in your neck. This can lead to a variety of types of pain or other problems, even vertigo, and headaches. By keeping good posture, we can avoid many of these problems. Good posture is about a lot more than simply holding your head straight, it's about a host of daily habits thoughtfully built up to protect your health.

When people spend so much time in one space, it's harder to keep and form healthy habits. There's also an overlap in our leisure and home life. While it was one thing when we slouched on the sofa during a sitcom in the evening, it's another to be positioned that way while working all day. It takes a toll on the neck in the worst way.

Just because neck pain while working from home is a common issue, doesn't mean it can't be overcome! Chiropractors make it their mission to overcome the common habits that lead to misalignments and pain in the neck and back.

It's all about creating healthy habits in your new space and being mindful about how you address your body.

Let's look at some thoughtful tips from North Portland Wellness Group to help you avoid neck pain while at home.

1. Don't Work on the Sofa

At first, this may seem like a benefit of working from home. Of course, you're going to sit on the sofa and work in your pajamas! Soon, this becomes an everyday habit of craning your neck in odd positions. It must be avoided.

2. Work in Different Places

If at all possible, switch up where you're working throughout the day. Work at the kitchen table for an hour, stand at your counter for an hour, back to the kitchen table, and then to the office for the afternoon.

By switching up where you're sitting, you'll hold your body in new positions. Every time you move will be an opportunity to be mindful of how you're holding your neck.

3. Get Your Computer Screen at Eye Level

This is a simple thing to do, but many people avoid making this adjustment. If you work on a laptop, buy a separate keyboard. Put the laptop on a few books so the screen is at eye level or a little above. Keep your arms down. This will make a huge difference in your neck pain.

4. Use a Headset for Phone Calls

Scrunching your neck to talk on the phone for even an hour a day is not a good idea for your neck. A headset will do you a world of good.

5. Exercise

You may think of exercise for improving your back pain, but your neck? Yes! There's nothing chiropractors like to see more than a healthy exercise routine. By keeping a strong core, you'll sit up straighter throughout the day, which will help with your neck pain. Exercise will also mean stretching your muscles so they become less stiff. It also helps lower your stress levels. When we're stressed out, we hold tension in your muscles, which can hurt our body's natural alignment.

Exercise is one of the best things we can do for our health. Go for a walk or take up a yoga routine.

Don't Ignore Your Neck Pain

If you are experiencing neck pain, talk to your Portland chiropractor. They can help you with chiropractic care to get your spinal column back in alignment using non-invasive techniques. A chiropractor will also be able to give you more individualized tips on what is happening with your neck and how to avoid it in the future. By addressing your neck pain at North Portland Wellness Group as soon as possible, you avoid letting it become a more long term issue.


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